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شقق للبيع في تركيا , مع العقار في تركيا امتلك منزلك الثاني بكل المواصفات التى تتمناها .

It was an exceptionally cool working experience (when you go ahead and take quite severe tour guides using a grain of salt). Here are some of my favorites on the pretty attainable gazillion shots we took at Chinati:

Apr six

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Star Bash at McDonald Observatory - Like a city girl, I think I began to ponder if constellations had been a fantasy. I noticed all of them within the star party and discovered the tales guiding them at the same time!

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The Chinati Foundation Excursions - This was an enormous attract for us to Marfa. We are likely to enjoy any art that is likely to get manufactured enjoyable of, like lots of aluminum containers within an artillery lose. Donald Judd's target in earning art With this place and inquiring his close friends to complete exactly the same was to demonstrate the influence of nature and natural environment on how a chunk is interpreted, and he did an incredible career.

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